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There are a number of ways to connect with other businesses. As business owners recognise that networking is almost a necessity for the success of any business, especially those that wish to grow, owners are looking into expanding their referral network as a way to set up the infrastructure of their expansion. It may take some work, but once it is set up it can be used as a business directory giving the businesses that are part of it several advantages over other advantages.

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Setting Up A Directory

A referral network can come in a variety of different forms, depending on what kind of technology is used, ranging from social meetings to online forums. The common feature is that they allow business people to meet where they can discuss common issues and connect. The organizers will sometimes gather contact information and make it available to those at the meeting. Those business people can then use this information later to find each other for a number of advantages ranging from finding a service or product, mentoring employees, or just solving problems.

Using a Directory To Find Something

An example of this is when the company needs to find an item or service that is uncommon or hard to find. Most businesses can find common items or services with no problems. When it comes to finding those harder to find items, however, sometimes the person searching has no idea where to even begin. By using their referral networks businesses can make a few calls or texts and at least get a lead on the item within a few minutes. By asking a few simple questions of the right people it can be easy to find almost anything. A carefully maintained directory can save a lot of time in this fashion.


Another example is the mentoring of employees. Sometimes a business will find that they have an employee with potential that they wish to exploit but are unable to do so properly themselves. As such they will a directory to find a good match among other business leaders hoping that the employee will find someone that can help guide that employee. All three gain from this kind of relationship The employee gains valuable insight, the mentor gains an anchor point when he contacts the business in question, and the business itself gains a better employee.

Other uses

Referral networks are a means of communicating with other business owners. By using them as a business directory a business owner can find the answer to almost any question that comes up. Other business owners are usually willing to answer most basic questions, but may charge for the service if the question get complicated or seems as if they are doing work without getting paid this actually results in more business for those willing to answer simple questions and show that they know what they are talking about. By using referral networks to create a business directory, and maintaining it, a business can easily succeed and expand over time.